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Ver 1.0 -Installed initial homepage structure for test and evaluation

Ver 1.1 -Installed links to Netscape and Copy of Netscape resident on this machine, Revised Research and Index pages.

Ver 2.0 -Major revision of Structure to comply with outline. Added templates for standard format and went one layer deep from main index. Hooks placed for all major sections. Added Loon to masthead.

Ver 2.1 -Placed entire structure on Accessone and added in beginning of Negotiation section from Kristine

Ver 2.2 -Installed pages on Update disk dated 3/26/95, made some minor link revisions.

Ver 2.3 - 4/8/96, revised Lowells little list to include new references, added family law links, modified "item" pages so search engine will hit valid pages.

Ver 2.4 - 4/10/96, Kristine revised Negotiations Book to include 6 new pages, Todd scanned and built 4 pages for "house for all seasons" under Halverson Designs.

Ver 2.5 4/18/96, 7 pages added to Negotiations section, including introduction to temperament sorters.

Ver 2.6 5/24/96 Added pages 1-3-2-4.htm through 1-3-3-3.htm to Negotiations section. Make some revisions to some existing Negotiations book pages.

Ver 2.7 6/11/96 Added pages 1-3-3-4.htm through 1-4-5.htm to Negotiations Book. Total of 9 pages.

Ver 2.8 6/14/96 Add pages to Temperament Sorters section of the Negotiations Book.

Ver 3.0 11/11/96 Completed transfer and indexing of all existing files, did inventory to ensiure none had been misplaced. [TJ] Did comparison with online, disk backup and office computer. Test with Netscape Gold.

Ver 3.1 2/4/97 Added counter (initially set to random) to all primary pages, cleaned up some problems and stale links, removed examples of search engines.

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