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Search & Reference Utilities [Internet]

-------Single Database Searches---------

Top Utilities:

Digital's entry into the massive web search utility offerings. Searches a large database and will return various types of specifics. Some complex searches supported. Seems to be very active at finding new links, rapidly expanding.
The Lycos Home Page: Hunting WWW Information
Somewhat slow but good output format. Scores hits based on their probable relevancy to search.
WebCrawler Searching
Quick and easy search utility, one of the most popular. Now part of America OnlLine (AOL)
Spry Internet Wizard
Returns top 20 matching web sites. Now owned by Compuserve
Search of hypertext in the Yahoo Db.
Supports all major search parameters. Restricted to words in page titles, URLs, or comments. Keyword case sensitivity. Boolean and/or operators, and limited number of displayed hits.
Point Search - Top 5% Index
Here is your opportunity to search the top 5% index by Point Search, Also you can subscribe (free) to their notification service of breaking Internet news.
Open Text Web Index
a Canadian Utility which liets you search parts of Web pages (titles, hyperlinks) uing Boolean and word-proximity operators as well as ranked search terms.

News Group Searches (only):

DejaNews Research Service - homepage
An excellent search utility which scans text in all usenet newsgroups. Can use boolean searches.

Other Single Data Base Utilities:

NetMall Search Utility
Used to locate companies large and small which have a www presence. Previously NetSearch.




Search Architext

World Wide Web Worm
Does not work at times.
Open Text

Robot Agents
A very comprehensive list of robot agents from Webcrawler.

------------Multiple Database Searches----------

Top Utilities: Multi Data-base Search
A new multi-database search utility with an indexed topic list.
Savvy Search
Unique search option which queries many different search engines.
Free for one month, then they charge. 30 free anytime. Good service for business uses.
Internet Sleuth
Comprehensive database of web databases. Generates hyperlinks to many other engines from Keywords.
All-In-One Search Page
You can search many of the form based web pages without leaving this page.

Additional Search Parameters

On-line Reference Works

Search Programs (NASA)

excite Netsearch
Nerd World Media Internet Subject Index

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On-Line References


World Yellow Pages Network ( Yellow White Pages
Four11 White Page Directory
LookUP! Email Search Form
United States of America home page at UNC-CH
map of usa and links to sources of information
Computing Dictionary

Babel: Glossary of Computer related abreviations and Acronyms

Directory of Commercial Services on the Net

Usenet FAQ's by Newsgroup

Find any Listserver

Stock Server
MIT Experimental stock market data server.
Canadian Geneology Sites

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Libraries on the net

The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Subject Catalogue
from the W3C
FILL The Financial Information Link Library

Library Catalogs with Web Interfaces

Library WWW Servers

The Information SuperLibrary (tm)

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News & News Services

Sources of News and Information

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Government Links on the Net

FedWorld Beta Home Page

The Federal Web Locator

U.S. Patent/Full Text

United States Postal Service Public

Defense Link
Link to all the .mil sites (that can be accessed)

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